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Ideas, samples, guidance

Corning Publishing’s well-educated, award-winning, sales and marketing team are ready to work with you to create dynamic, revenue-generating publications specifically tailored to your individual requirements. We add value with fresh ideas and guidance that can help you identify profitable additional revenue streams.


Our client’s publications generate up to $70,000 in revenue with tens of thousands of dollars in profit, per month! Learn more…


Our art director has over 20 years of design experience in print, web, and logo design, and our seasoned graphic design team has over 100 years of combined experience. From ad design, inside magazine spreads, cover design to inserts, we can create something that is aesthetically pleasing while getting your message across effortlessly.


Time, quality, (and) price… You can have it all!

Corning Publishing is committed to delivering a high-quality product, in the shortest amount of time possible, at an affordable and fair price. Successful publishers know that long lead times leave money on the table. Quick printing and bindery turnaround times extend your advertising deadlines which means that sales representatives can generate more sales dollars.


Every job is unique, and freight companies are not a one-size-fits-all. We work with multiple vendors to ensure that your publications are delivered on-time, for the lowest price possible. We will meet your delivery and budget requirements, from economy freight to concierge service. We also maintain our own fleet of trucks, so we are able to meet our client's special delivery needs (such as dropping mailed copies to your local post office).


"We are loving working with you guys! Product is terrific, process is seamless, and turnaround is so beneficial to us!"

"I was shocked (pleasantly) to see how fast our magazines arrived. I am very happy with the print quality. I cannot overstate what a pleasure it is to work with you."

"The Waterfest books arrived today and they look AMAZING! Great job on the excellent work and fast turnaround. I'm so appreciative of your customer service."

"Just got back in the office and a copy of our visitor's guide was on my desk. It looks very good. Thanks much for the nice print job and quick turnaround as usual!"

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